A broad view about how OpenWorld team navigate and build the protocol

Milestone #1 - Arbitrum Testnet Release

Deadline: Sep, 2023

  • Deliver Version 1 of the user interface.

  • Develop the Leverage Yield Farming (“LYF”) smart contract.

  • Create the Lending feature smart contract.

  • Launch on the Arbitrum Testnet.

Milestone #2 - Arbitrum Mainnet Release

Deadline: Oct, 2023

  • Go live on the Mainnet with the Leverage Yield Farm and Lending products.

  • Conduct a thorough smart contract audit, potentially by Certik, leveraging their prior experience auditing our perpetual decentralized exchange (perp dex).

Milestone #3 - Yield Portfolio Product Release

Deadline: Dec, 2023

  • Offer Asset Management: Present a secure and diversified Arbitrum-exclusive yield portfolio management product.

  • Enhance Leverage Yield Farming: Introduce a minimum of 10 leverage yield farming products.

  • Unveil OTC Lending Offering Product: Enable borrowers to provide a wide range of tokens as collateral, allowing lenders to assess risk and set loan terms based on the collateral's perceived value in peer-to-peer OTC lending transactions.

(The above three milestones are our commitments to the Arbitrum DAO as part of our grant request. The following milestones outline our broader project and product vision).

Milestone #4 - Cross-Chain Leveraged Yield Farming Release

Deadline: Feb, 2024

  • Introduce Cross-chain LYF: Extend leverage yield farming opportunities beyond Arbitrum to users on other EVM-compatible chains like Optimism.

  • Launch Cross-chain Yield Portfolio Product: Create diversified yield portfolios using not only yield sources from Arbitrum but also from other EVM-compatible chains.

(Collaboration with will underpin the development of the cross-chain backend).

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