Portfolio Overview

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The OpenWorld Portfolios allow you to invest into a diversified portfolio of high-yield, low-risk liquidity pools, and does all of the rebalancing, keeping you in range, and auto-compounding for you. You can invest using one token, like USDT, and it will automatically diversify you into the various liquidity pools. We also offer other decentralized finance products that allow you to lend and borrow crypto.

To provide you with the best liquidity pools for the portfolios, we developed a live Pool Database comprising pools that meet our Pool Inclusion Criteria. This database will be continuously monitored, with pools being included or excluded based on their adherence to the criteria.

The Allocation Methodology will be customized based on the Total Value Locked (TVL) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of each pool, along with some qualitative factors. Initially, the allocation will be executed with the initial capital to construct the first proportion of the portfolio. Subsequently, the allocation will be adjusted weekly according to a Weekly Calendar Rebalancing schedule. Additionally, the allocation may be adjusted from time to time triggered by an Event in Constant Mix Rebalancing. This dynamic approach ensures that the portfolio remains optimally balanced and aligned with the evolving market conditions and investment objectives.

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