Portfolio Overview

At OpenWorld, we believe that thriving in the fast-evolving LP market requires an agile, data-driven investment approach focused on core objectives:

1.Return Optimization

We prioritize efficiently screening and dynamically allocating capital to high-quality LPs with superior risk-adjusted yields and long-term sustainability.

2.Risk Management

Our strategy involves employing a diversified portfolio construction methodology, implementing strict risk parameter controls, and adopting proactive contingency measures.

3. Investor-Centric Utility

We are committed to delivering a secure, intuitive platform equipped with value-added features such as LP scoring, risk analytics, auto-rebalancing, and cross-chain bridging.

4. Ecosystem Expansion

We continually explore strategic partnerships with promising DeFi projects to unlock emergent investment opportunities for our users.

OpenWorld LP Portfolio seeks to empower investors with seamless access to the most productive LP investments in DeFi, enabling them to achieve their target investment outcomes with confidence.

We will develop a live Pool Database comprising pools that meet our Pool Inclusion Criteria. This database will be continuously monitored, with pools being included or excluded based on their adherence to the criteria. As part of this monitoring process, we will regularly assess pools against our Pool Inclusion Criteria. Pools that meet the criteria will be included in the database, while those that do not will be excluded. Furthermore, we will employ a judgmental approach to select pools for inclusion in new products. These selections will be based on various factors such as theme, diversification, returns, risks, asset exposure, and other relevant criteria. By maintaining a dynamic Pool Database and employing a selective approach to pool inclusion, we aim to offer our users access to a curated selection of pools (Portfolio) that align with their investment objectives and preferences.

The Allocation Methodology will be customized based on the Total Value Locked (TVL) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of each pool. Initially, the allocation will be executed with the initial capital to construct the first proportion of the portfolio. Subsequently, the allocation will be adjusted weekly according to a Weekly Calendar Rebalancing schedule. Additionally, the allocation may be adjusted from time to time triggered by an Event in Constant Mix Rebalancing. This dynamic approach ensures that the portfolio remains optimally balanced and aligned with the evolving market conditions and investment objectives.

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