How to Earn More Money with OpenWorld

Step 1: Open a cryptocurrency trading account

  • Go to or to register a new account if you are in the US

  • Verify your identity by providing a US driver's license or passport

  • Link a US bank account for deposits/withdrawals

Step 2: Create and install MetaMask wallet

  • Download MetaMask from the Chrome Web Store or Apple App Store

  • Create a new wallet, set a strong password, and save the 12-word recovery phrase

  • Install the browser extension if using Chrome or Brave

Step 3: Deposit funds into MetaMask wallet

  • Purchase ETH on Coinbase or other US exchange and transfer to your wallet address

  • How to Earn More Money with OpenWorld

Step 4: Add the Arbitrum network and create the wallet

  • In MetaMask, go to Settings > Networks > Add Arbitrum network

  • Create a new Arbitrum wallet linked to the ETH wallet

Step 5: Connect wallet to OpenWorld

  • Go to and click Connect Wallet

  • Select MetaMask and confirm the connection

Step 6: Trading and Farming on OpenWorld

  • Staking on OpenWorld

  • Trading on OpenWorld Exchange

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