Referrals Program

The referrals program allows existing users to earn points by referring new users to join the platform. There are two main ways referrers can earn points:

  • Initial Referral Bonus: When a referred user signs up, the referrer gets an initial bonus of 10-25 points based on their tier level. Higher tiers get more initial points.

  • Additional Bonus: The referrer also gets an additional percentage bonus based on the referred user's activity. This bonus is a percentage of the points the new user earns from lending, borrowing, and staking/farming. The percentage depends on the referrer's tier.

User Tiers

User tiers are based on the total points a user has accumulated in the program:

  • Bronze - Bottom 30% of users by total points

  • Silver - Next 30% of users by points

  • Gold - Following 30% by points

  • Platinum - Top 10% of users by points

Tiers are recalculated daily based on users' updated points totals. So users can move up to higher tiers by earning more points over time.

Referral Points and Bonus Percentages Based on Referrer Tier

TiersPoints per Referral% Bonus Per Referral


10 points



15 points



20 points



25 points


  • Initial Referral Bonus:

    • Referrer gets points when referee signs up and uses 1 platform feature

    • Points based on the referrer's tier

  • Additional Referral Bonus:

    • The referrer earns extra points based on the referee's lending/borrowing/staking. The percentage bonus is based on the referrer's tier

    • An additional bonus is calculated daily and applies for 1 month after the referee signs up.

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