Points Program Mechanics

Points Accrual

  • Users earn points every day for activities on the platform.

  • Points accrued are tallied over a 3-month period.

  • There is no cap on the number of points a user can earn.

  • The total rewards pool is 1M OPEN allocation.

Point Expiration

  • Users have a 3-month redemption period after the accrual period ends to redeem points.

  • Any unredeemed points expire permanently after the 3-month redemption period.

  • There is no rollover of expired points to the next accrual period.

Redemption Rate

CR=X/R CR= X / R

Where: CR = Conversion rate

X = Total reward points accrued

R = Total rewards pool

*The conversion rate of points to OPEN allocation is based on total accrued points vs 1M OPEN allocation.

Redemption Process

  • The 3-month redemption period starts after the accrual period ends.

  • There is a 3-month lockup period before redeeming OPEN.

  • The total process from accrual to redemption takes 6 months.

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