Cross-chain Yield Portfolio

Cross-Chain Profit Portfolio, a dual strategic approach designed to enhance cross-chain diversification and maximize DeFi profit mining while aligning with individual risk preferences.

The cross-chain Yield Portfolio includes two types

  • Portfolio 1: DeFi Yield Risk-Seeking Portfolio

This portfolio caters to those willing to take on risk in pursuit of potentially significant returns. It offers access to the top 10 vLP APY slots across five protocols on the Arbitrum Chain, Optimism, and BNB protocols. The diversification extends to lending, DEX/AMM, and other areas.

*Portfolio 2 is tailored for individuals comfortable with higher risk levels, where the potential rewards align with the associated risks.

  • Portfolio 2: DeFi All-Weather Portfolio

Our third portfolio consists of 20 meticulously selected positions across 10 protocols and 5 blockchains. This strategy ensures broad exposure while emphasizing projects with audited contracts, thorough risk management, reliability, and transparent governance.

The Cross-Chain Profit Portfolio employs Arbitrum for cross-chain distribution.

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