Product 2: Yield Portfolio

Introducing OpenWorld Yield Portfolio

In DeFi yield farming offers potential returns, yet navigating diverse platforms, protocols, and chains can be complex. OpenWorld Yield Portfolio simplifies yield farming through a range of options, providing users with accessible opportunities to streamline their investment process.

The OpenWorld Yield Portfolio strives to provide users with:

  • Ease of engagement in productive yield farming.

  • Diversification across platforms, protocols, and chains.

  • Customizable portfolios tailored to different risk appetites.

  • Optimization of productivity through strategic allocation.

Yield Portfolio Offerings

1. Arbitrum Top Tier Dex Yield Portfolio

2. Cross-chain Yield Portfolio

This Portfolio offering is divided into two distinct types:

  • Portfolio 1: DeFi Yield Risk-Seeking Portfolio

  • Portfolio 2: DeFi All-Weather Portfolio

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