Fees & Profit Sharing


OpenWorld implements a fee structure designed to optimize user participation while minimizing any additional costs. The following fees are in place:

  • Staking Fee: 0.00% (No fee for staking)

  • Unstaking Fee: 0.00% (No fee for unstaking)

Profit Sharing

OpenWorld believes in shared prosperity and rewards its community members for their active involvement. The profit-sharing mechanism is designed to benefit all stakeholders:

  • Stakers (PE): 90% of the generated profits will be distributed to stakers, fostering a sense of ownership and alignment of interests within the ecosystem.

  • The remaining 10% of profits will be allocated as follows:

    • OW Team Budget: 50% of the profits will be directed towards the OW Team Budget, enabling the team to continue innovating and enhancing the platform's offerings.

    • OPEN Token Buyback: 50% of profits remaining will be utilized to buy back OPEN tokens from the market. These tokens will subsequently be employed as rewards in the future.

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