OpenWorld Points System - Introducing

The OpenWorld points system is designed to incentivize, reward, and engage platform users. Points can be earned through various actions and exchanged for rewards.


  • Incentivize product usage and adoption

  • Reward community participation

  • Distribute 1M OPEN

OpenWorld Points System Roadmap

Phase 1: Accrual Period - 3 months

  • No limit on points earned,

  • 1 million OPEN allocated to the rewards pool

  • Users earn points for platform activities

  • System snapshots activity and awards points daily

  • Duration: 3 months for users to accrue point

Phase 2: Redemption Period - 3 months

  • Total accrued points evaluated

  • Redemption rate set based on total points vs 1 million OPEN

  • Duration: 3 months for users to redeem points for OPEN

  • Unredeemed points expire after this period

Phase 3: Lockup Period - 3 months

  • OPEN redeemed locked for 3 months before trading

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