OpenWorld Team

Bets into OpenWorld project with everything we have

OpenWorld has a team of over 10+ members with diverse and complementary backgrounds in computer science, venture capital, private equity, digital media, and business operations.

The core team at OpenWorld has long-standing experience working together at multinational companies as well as high-growth startups.

Through projects they have built, the OpenWorld team recognizes existing challenges and limitations of current DeFi and GameFi solutions.

At the same time, they also see the potential of blockchain technology in decentralizing finance and creating digital assets with authentic ownership rights.

With a vision of democratizing access to financial opportunities and assets, OpenWorld is gradually adding new features such as leveraged yield farming, yield portfolios, and P2P token lending to make DeFi easier and more efficient for users.

The team is fully committed to the OpenWorld project with a firm belief in unlocking the possibilities of decentralized finance.

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